Before and after: 11 kitchens that show that white updates the space

Before and after: 11 kitchens that show that white updates the space

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Advertising - Keep reading under Kitchen 1 Before: Shadow

When Jennifer Lifford, a Canadian blogger and member of the DIY Hometalk website, was prepared to update her 20-year-old kitchen, she planned to update the color and new countertops.

Photo: Roselee Roy

Kitchen 1 After: Spacious

The result: A clean and fresh kitchen that also seems more spacious. The Simply White white paint by Benjamin Moore reflects the natural light of the kitchen.

Photo: Roselee Roy

Kitchen 2 Before: Dark Chocolate

When Studio McGee's renovation professionals first saw the kitchen, they immediately warned that the dark color absorbed light from space.

Kitchen 2 After: Bright white

They changed the dark color of the kitchen cabinets a white that reflects the natural light that enters through the windows of the house. The new kitchen now has a fresh and modern style.

Kitchen 3 Before: Narrow and boring

When this family of four realized that their kitchen was very narrow and dark, they hired Decorist, an interior design company on-line, to modernize the space.

Photo: Paul Dyer Photography

Kitchen 3 After: White and gray

To create a greater sense of spaciousness, the interior designers painted white (Simply white by Benjamin Moore) the upper and lower gray furniture (Pavillion Gray Farrow & Ball).

Photo: Paul Dyer Photography

Kitchen 4 Before: Outdated and 80's

"Ochentera," as defined by Gina Kirk, the blogger for Is She Ready, her kitchen when she moved into the house in 2008.

Photo: Is She Ready

Kitchen 4 After: Modern and two-tone

Gina hired professional painters to paint the kitchen furniture in two shades. The superiors in white (Dove white Bejamin Moore) and the lower ones in gray (Chelsea Gray from Benjamin Moore).

Photo: Is She Ready

Kitchen 5 Before: Antigua

When Lindsay Ostrom, author of the blog foodie Pinch of Yum, and her husband Bjork bought this house in 2013, decided that outdated kitchen furniture needed an urgent restoration.

Photo: Pinch of Yum

Kitchen 5 After: An open space

The couple changed the walls to integrate the kitchen into the living room, installed new cabinets and changed the countertops to have a white kitchen that reflects the natural light of the two windows.

Photo: Pinch of Yum

Kitchen 6 Before: Dark and sad

When Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, the bloggers of A Beautiful Mess, set out to reform this house of the Habitat for Humanity project, they saw that the wooden kitchen furniture made the space seem smaller.

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Kitchen 6 After: Fresh and clean

The team looked for a white color for the walls and cabinets and bright retro tiles.

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Kitchen 7 Before: Outdated

After living in her home for 20 years, actress Christina Applegate loved every corner of her, except the kitchen. The interior design company Laurel & Wolf helped him get a clean and modern kitchen, very different from the "deplorable" space he had.

Kitchen 7 After: Family

Jessica Today, interior designer at Lauren & Wolf, created a new space with white furniture and accessories to achieve a functional, refined and functional kitchen. family-friendly

Kitchen 8 Before: Brown on brown

When the owner of this house considered the reform of the kitchen, designer Griffin Carrick of Havenly decided that he had to change the furniture to update the kitchen.

Photo: Havenly

Kitchen 8 After: White and bright

Carrick updated the furniture with a bright white (Decorator's White by bejamin Moore) to give the space a cleaner and more elegant aesthetic.

Kitchen 9 Before: The first thing to reform

When Shawn Syphus, from the I Wash You Dry blog, bought this house, he knew that he had to reform the kitchen before even signing the papers.

Photo: Shawn Syphus

Kitchen 9 After: The best of the house

Shawn spent most of his budget on custom white furniture. The tiles add a subtle touch of color that highlights the color of the kitchen furniture.

Photo: Shawn Syphus

Kitchen 10 Before: Too classic

The Home Depot blog team wanted to reform this kitchen by giving the furniture an updated style without having to change them.

Photo: The Home Depot and Rust-Oleum

Kitchen 10 After: Unique

The team painted the upper furniture in pure white and the lower ones in gray, and a side with slate paint.

Photo: The Home Depot and Rust-Oleum

Kitchen 11 Before: An urgent reform

When Elisha Albretsen, the blogger of Pneumatic Addict, decided to renovate her home kitchen, she knew that old wooden furniture needed an update.

Photo: Pneumatic Addict

Kitchen 11 After: Fresh and bright

Albretsen illuminated and visually expanded the kitchen replacing the furniture and painting them with white Snowbound from Sherwin Williams.

Photo: Pneumatic Addict

Via: House Beautiful US


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