A dormer bedroom

A dormer bedroom

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This bedroom was installed on the top floor of the house. Its characteristics conditioned the distribution: it was attic and, in addition, included architectural elements impossible to eliminate; like the round pillar in front of the window, or the one that is clad in brick seen next to the playground. The distribution of space remained like this.
1. Playground. It was placed between the entrance door and the brick-lined pillar. It was decorated with a low furniture to store toys, a table and two chairs. This area became independent from the rest of the bedroom by a curtain.
2. Wardrobe. He leaned against the wall so as not to obstruct the passage to the cradle. A pouf was placed opposite where to dress the girl comfortably.
3. Cot. For her the most collected area was reserved, at the bottom of the bedroom. Next to it was placed a bedside table, a shelf and a chair to watch the baby.

Advertising - Keep reading under The cradle

A model was chosen that transforms into a bed when the baby grows. By placing it in a recessed area, next to the bedside table, a very cozy feeling was achieved, which was enhanced by the hand-painted walls by Ana Masllorens. A shelf was placed on the cradle. In D'Abril: cot, protector, Nordic, cushions, bedside table, lamp and shelf.

Resting corner

It was located in the widest area of ​​the attic. The windows were dressed with double blinds: white, to tint the light during the day, and tobacco color, which keep the room in darkness when the baby sleeps. Blinds in D'Abril. A chair was placed next to the crib to ensure the girl's dream.

Ambient lighting

It is key in a baby bedroom. Have a lamp with soft light near the cradle that allows you to look for the pacifier or the water bottle without the light beam disturbing your little one. Lamp in Dijous.

Wardrobe in light tones

To store the girl's clothes, an ivory model was chosen, which is integrated into the decoration and does not obscure the space. It is a closet with good storage capacity that will continue to be useful as the small one grows. In the background you can see a curtain that matches the blinds that makes the play area independent and clarifies the light that enters through the arched window. Wardrobe in D'Abril.

Decorated walls

The walls were painted in a cream tone, but on them different motifs were drawn by hand to delimit each room's environment. In the rest area, this garden fence was recreated with tree branches and little mice. Another idea is to decorate them with a stencil template and repeat the motive. Shelf in D'Abril. Mural painting by Ana Masllorens.

Avoid the feeling of chaos with boxes.

They are essential to have teddies, toiletries, blankets and tidy on hand ... Box painted by hand in Dijous. Hunny Bunny model quilt, from Treehouse. Bear in Rabasa.

Game's zone

It was furnished with a table and two white lacquered chairs, decorated with a die cut heart. The furniture at the child's height allows them to play and facilitates the activity of drawing, essential for developing writing. A toy cart was painted on the wall of this area. Table and chairs, in D'Abril. Painting, by Ana Masllorens.

A cloth toymaker

It has the advantage that it is light and fluffy; If your child turns it over, it will not suffer any damage. Make sure it is washable and has handles to move it. Toy Hunny Bunny in Treehouse.


It includes architectural elements impossible to eliminate; like the round pillar in front of the window, or the one that is clad in brick seen next to the playground. The distribution of space remained like this.


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