A bedroom decorated in mustard and yellow

A bedroom decorated in mustard and yellow

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Mustard + gray = serenity

This combination has "super powers" and both colors form excellent pairing. Gray offers infinite shades: the darker it is, the more sophisticated the mix However, for a bedroom like the one in the photo, where a calm atmosphere is required, it is advisable to opt for lighter shades of gray, such as stone or pearl, to achieve effective, but gentle contrasts. Relaxing paddles are also achieved in rest rooms by mixing mustard with blue / green.

Mustard + natural, cream or golden

All of them in the same color range. Mustard "does its best" in the company of light colors. It works well with white and with vanilla or natural - wood, fibers, cane - the sensation is exquisite, velvety.

Finally, try combining it with golden details ... and fill the spaces with light.

Furniture for your bedroom:

3-piece quilt

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87,99 €

Quilt with two zig zag pillows. On Amazon.

mirror mirror sun

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Made in cane. Perfect to place anywhere. It's from home.

Carpet At the foot of the bed

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Wool-like rug It's from La Redoute.

Wall light

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Flexo type with bicolor black-gold finish, in La Redoute.

decorative leaves palm leaves

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To decorate the wall. In Maisons du Monde.

baskets Natural fiber baskets

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Baskets with perfect legs as a pot, on Amazon.co.uk

Rocking chair in wood

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Is the model Dilma, from La Redoute.

table bedside table

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Coffee table with gold envelope and geometric base, by Maisons du Monde.

lamp ceiling lamp

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Fabric with nature-inspired print.

cushion Floral cushion

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Cushion cover in blue and yellow. For sale in Venca.

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