The transformation of an apartment in Pamplona to make it a more current home

The transformation of an apartment in Pamplona to make it a more current home

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Jaione Elizalde

Jaione Elizalde, real estate stylist and home stager, He was in charge of renovating this house, located in the Pamplona widening. Its owners, a mother and two daughters, wanted to renew it to be able to rent it, since different tenants had passed through it and was in a somewhat deteriorated state. "They decided to use the techniques of Home Staging to give a new air to this apartment and improve rental conditions, "says Jaione, a professional with more than ten years of experience in the world of real estate styling.

After a first visit to the house and chat with the owners, Jaione obtained all the information she needed for the development of the work. The challenge, as usual in these cases, was to achieve the greatest visual impact with a tight budget, always trying to reuse some pieces of existing furniture. It started with a face lift.

A large format picture and patterned cushions subtract monotony from the living room decoration. Jaione Elizalde

To not recharge the room, the fair pieces were placed in the living area: a sofa, a set of nest tables, a floor lamp and a cart. The first one was chosen in dark gray, because it was a very suffered color, but the rest of the furniture is white. In addition, the real estate stylist Jaione Elizalde opted to paint the walls in neutral tones.

The decorator opted for a range of neutral tones to paint the walls of the whole house. The floor, oak wood in the living room and ash in the bedrooms, was preserved, although it was necessary to replace the original pavement in some areas of the house. In the hallway and in one of the rooms, an oak laminate was installed, and in the kitchen, a gray vinyl.
As for the decoration, he opted for a neutral, but personal, aesthetic that fit different tastes and personalities. In addition, it was possible that recovered furniture and pieces of current style coexist in perfect harmony.


The living room opens to the landscape through a large window with frames.

ALL RIGHT ORGANIZED. The furniture distribution respects the passage areas so that the circulation is fluid. Jaione Elizalde

The wood paneling not only enhances this area, but also the decoration of the entire space, dominated by the white color.

LOOKOUT. With a nightstand and two upholstered armchairs, the gazebo area became a cozy space where you can have breakfast daily or have a coffee early in the afternoon. Jaione Elizalde


The kitchen, wide and elongated, has furniture in two parallel rows.

White and bright kitchen. Jaione Elizalde

The lower cabinets were chosen in white and the upper ones, in light wood. In contrast, the countertop and floor are black.


In the decoration of the bedrooms, it started from a neutral base, with walls and bedding in white tones, to which later brush strokes of color were added through the cushions.

BEDROOM WITH BALCONY. The furniture is of light design and clear finishes. Jaione Elizalde

The light tone of the walls creates a sophisticated contrast with the wooden floor.


Small details in the bathroom were enough to give it a new air: the faucet, colored towels, fiber accessories and a striking shower curtain to break with a dull and monotonous aesthetic.

BICOLOR CURTAIN. A black and white striped shower curtain creates a very dynamic contrast with the rest of the environment in pure white. Jaione Elizalde


The monotony of white broke with colored textiles.

BET ON DIY. In this bedroom, a laminated board was used as a headboard. The rest of the pieces of furniture are from Ikea, and textiles, from H&M Home. Jaione Elizalde


Housing plan. Jaione Elizalde

From the hall to the main facade, a long corridor leads to two rooms, a bathroom and the living room, located at the end of the floor. It has a seating area, dining room and a gazebo overlooking the city center. To the right of the entrance, you will find the kitchen, a bedroom and another bathroom.


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