A house in Asturias

A house in Asturias

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The traveler looking for quiet places of unusual beauty will be surprised to discover that in Carrales -a recoleta Asturian village with only five houses and a spectacular landscape- there is a magnificent hotel. The house El Babú It owes its name to one of the peaks of the Sierra de El Sueve, at whose feet it is located. The environment is impressive: mountains and meadows draw a very peculiar orography, with small cliffs that hide virgin beaches of fine sand. In origin, the building was an 18th century mansion whose owners decided to reform to build a hotel. In the rehabilitation the structure was maintained, with stone walls and chestnut beams. However, the orientation was modified so that the visitor contemplated the valley.

Further, It was necessary to make an extension in the old garden to make the living room and dining room. The roof eaves also rose to build rooms. The result is a hotel made with current architectural criteria, with large windows and glazed walls, which rescues some vestiges of the original building. The Babú has six double rooms, a special suite with a 1.80 m wide bed and a family suite with capacity for four people. The lounge, with a fireplace, offers a library, board games and a DVD collection. In the dining room you can taste dishes as exquisite as a warm vegetable and foie salad, or the grilled pixie (monkfish) trunk with cockle sauce.

The decoration, cozy and comfortable, was made with modern criteria and Ikea, Habitat and La Continental furniture, and as a backdrop, the walls were covered with sand and lime. Outside, the Babú has a 8,000 m2 meadow. But if the traveler prefers to tour the area, 650 meters away are the beaches of La Espasa and El Viso. And 15 km away is Ribadesella, famous for the annual descent of the Sella River and for the samples of rock art in the caves of Tito Bustillo. In addition, the hotel manages activities such as surfing on the beaches of Caravia, canoeing in the Sella or hiking through the Sierra de El Sueve or the Picos de Europa.

Address: Carrales, s / n. Caravia (Asturias).

Phone: 985 853 272.


Rooms: it has 8 rooms: six doubles, a special suite and a family suite with capacity for four people.

Advertising - Keep reading underneath The cozy hotel lounge rose in the space that used to be an orchard.

The extension was made following the original facade of the house. In fact, the owners decided to keep the old window framed in stone that, before the reform, presided over the facade of the house.

The house El Babú is located in Carrales.

The village consists of four houses, the hotel and a bar, in the Caravia area. When the building was rehabilitated, the orientation was modified to contemplate the saw. The Babú includes an 8,000 m² meadow from which the sea is contemplated, and a small riding school.

The hall was designed with current architectural criteria:

iron pillars and glazed walls from floor to ceiling to facilitate the entry of natural light and enjoy the landscape. In the living room and dining room, both newly built, the floor was paved with marble. Furniture, by Ikea and La Oca.

In the dining room,

the guests do the honors to the magnificent kitchen while they contemplate the place through the glazed wall, which faces to the south. The paintings reproduce photos of an urban series, the work of the famous photographer Kudelka.

The fireplace in the living room stays on all winter.

The attractive combination of coatings enhances a charming atmosphere. The fireplace was embedded in a raspberry front, which contrasts with the sand-colored wall and the stones of the original facade.

Every morning,

Natural products that make up the buffet breakfast line up on the dining room sideboard. The wall was the old facade of the house. The owners tried to recover the stone, but being united with straw, it crumbled. Therefore, the wall was rebuilt and revoked with lime and sand, except in the masonry, which could be partially rehabilitated.

The attic double room

It is one of the most requested by its windows, since from the beds the meadows of the hotel are contemplated. Bedding and lamp, by La Oca.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable.

The double attic includes a sofa and a desk oriented towards the beautiful landscape of native trees. The rooms are especially warm thanks to the predominance of wood, with chestnut flooring and laminated beams and ceilings.

All bathrooms are lined with yellow tile.

Each has a sink embedded in a marble countertop, glass screen and the details to make the stay very comfortable. Complements, from La Oca.

The special suite

It has a bed of 1.80 m wide and a large window that runs L-shaped along two walls. When natural light is not desired, simply close the Foscurit curtains, which keep the room in absolute darkness. Cushions and blanket, from La Oca.

El Babú is reached by the A-6 Cantabrian highway.

When you see the Caravia-Berbes exit, leave the highway and follow the N-632 towards Caravia for 2.5 km. Pass the town of Prado and, after approximately 1 km, you will reach the town of Carrales, where the hotel is located.


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