Ikea launches its pet collection in Spain

Ikea launches its pet collection in Spain

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Lovers of good design and animals, you are in luck: Ikea today presented its collection in Madrid LURVIG (what does it mean furry in Swedish), designed for dogs and cats of all sizes and types. The company has collaborated with veterinarians to design this range of products at an affordable price and with an aesthetic more than desirable. The collection consists of beds, sofas, cushions, feeders, cat houses, toys, and other accessories such as covers so they can lie on our sofa, carriers, necklaces, straps and brushes.

Some of these new pieces are designed to fit other Ikea furniture, such as boxes for your bookshelf Kallax They serve as a shelter for cats, a tunnel for them to play or scrapers that can be installed on the legs of their tables. The new collection will be available in stores in Spain from October 5.

Advertising - Continue reading below LURVIG Collection

It includes everything our best friends need to feel at home.


It is inspired by your KLIPPAN sofa.

In tune

Perfect for our living room (and perfect for them).

Bed with wooden structure Deserved rest

Another bed model of the collection.


They can be machine washed.


From Ikea we are invited to fill it with blankets that we no longer use to save money and that our pets feel more comfortable when sleeping with our smell.

Raincoat Sofa protector Multipurpose

It can also serve as a bed when you travel (you just have to fold it to make it more fluffy).

Cat shelter

The collection has been designed with veterinarians to learn how animals feel more comfortable.


It can be used as a side table or bedside table.

Strung up

Also anchor to the wall without feet.


Or put it on the Kallax shelf in Ikea.


I could not miss the crockery For our faithful companions.

Vivid colors

It will be available in green.

More discreet

Or in white, black and metal.

Always full

Drinker with deposit.

Cat house

These boxes, which can be placed in Kallax shelves, are perfect for our cats to sleep.

Game tunnel Also adaptable

It can be attached to the boxes.

Seen and unseen

It can be folded and stored quickly

Toy Scraper

So they can scratch without fear of spoiling the furniture.

Sandbox Beauty session

There are also brushes for all hair types.


Colleres and straps.


So you can see it at night.

In case you lose ...

Capsule to store the phone.


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