An open and current space

An open and current space

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Reflection and patience were the keys that led to decorator and window dresser Blai Altell to give a new life to this apartment, located in the Barcelona widening. The reflection helped him to have very clear ideas and to carry them out safely by choosing as a new home a outdated center office; and patience gave him the necessary time to get all the design pieces with his own name that make up the furniture in his house.

Originally, the space was almost clear, something that Blai was excited about, but lacked kitchen and bathroom, so they had to integrate. He quickly got down to work, and the first thing he did was to plan the distribution of a piece with a single independent space, the bathroom, in which the passage of natural light was facilitated. The living room was located in the brightest area of ​​the house, facing a small garden terrace, to enjoy the views every time you sat on the sofa. Just behind it was the work corner. In this way, The sofa was used to separate both environments and saved some space.

A surface similar to that of the terrace, and attached to it, was used as a bedroom, and separated from the kitchen by an acid crystal, as a screen. The kitchen, fully integrated into the living room, occupies the section of the wall that reaches the patio of lights. In this area the ceiling was lowered and the front was painted in a burgundy color, to delimit it visually and spatially from the rest of the house. As for the bathroom, Blai decided to make him independent by means of a paved curve wall, to soften its visual impact on the whole house. The next step was to furnish the loft which, despite having only 65 m2, visually seems much more spacious thanks to its distribution. For its decoration Blai chose to choose classic design pieces, to give it a unique touch and, above all, to finally get the house of your dreams

Advertising - Continue reading below The white and toasted tones predominate in the living room, in which the kitchen was integrated, which stands out for the wall, painted in burgundy tone.

For the floor a wood laminate was chosen, which provides warmth to the environment. Two design classics were placed next to the sofa: a side table, designed by Eileen Gray, for sale in Vinçon, and the Le Corbusier LC1 armchair, in metal and leather, purchased at Sit Down.

The seating area was located in front of the terrace.

Thus, in addition to enjoying the views, the entrance of natural light is used. It is formed by a two-seater sofa and an armchair. Sofa upholstered with gray fabric, by Fusta.

The dining room stands out for the metal structure table with a glass top, designed by Blai Altell and made to order.

Above it, three lamps aligned, by Biosca & Botey. The 7 Series chairs by Jacobsen acquired in Vinçon are another design classic. Behind the sofa was the work area, with table 114, Vinçon.


The bathroom became independent from the rest of the house through a curved wall made with pieces of pavements; thus it receives natural light and integrates better in the rest of the environment.

The kitchen stands out for its impeccable design that masterfully combines the red of the wall with appliances and steel furniture.

In addition, the work front was protected with an iron of the same material, to protect the wall from grease and stains. Cabinets, for sale in Nuzzi. Refrigerator, from Smeg. Appliances, from Whirlpool.

The bedroom stands out for its simplicity.

Located to the right of the kitchen, the headboard was dispensed with, and two different objects were chosen as bedside tables: a side table from the early 20th century, and two suitcases and a hatbox from the London market in Portobello. This saves warehouse space. Piqué quilt, from La Perla Gris.

The bathroom is the only closed space.

To isolate it, pave brick was used, which does not overwhelm the space. The steel and glass furniture of the sink contributes to visually expand it. In this area a blue gresite socket was made, to protect the wall. Sink and taps Tara, by Dorn Bracht (in Bagno). Box office, by Vinçon.

3 cheerful tones

Warmth and a lot of life are the keys that characterize this house and, with these tones, it was achieved. From the firm Valentine: Duke VD 095, Bali VC 183 and Autumnal Red, VA 061.


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