A reform with vintage furniture

A reform with vintage furniture

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Four months dedicated the owners of this house, a young couple with two children, to transform an unattractive apartment - despite its 100 m2 - in A cozy home to enjoy with the family. With a good dose of imagination, Mathias and Madeleine (founder with her sisters of //sixsoeurs.fr/) They got down to work and decided to replace the wood paneling that covered the walls with colorful wallpapers and brightly colored paintings. The floor gained in warmth by changing the old linoleum for parquet throughout the house, except in the kitchen and in the bathrooms where they themselves laid deep blue tiles. The next step was to define the distribution of housing.

The main The objective of the reform was to change the layout and size of the rooms. Thus it was possible to separate environments and create a third bedroom. The distribution now has a generous living area consisting of two environments: the living room and dining room. The kitchen, initially open, was closed with a glass and a door to separate it from the dining room and the lobby. And an elongated hallway leads to the rooms and bathrooms. As the main bedroom was spacious, it was decided to integrate the bathroom there and create a third bedroom for the house's baby girl, who until now shared a room with her brother.

As for the decoration, the couple declares themselves a fan of the mix of styles: chosen design pieces accompany furniture vintage inherited or acquired in traces and markets, of which they are authentic forofos. The result is A house full of charm, cheerful, colorful and super personal.

Advertising - Keep reading below A charming living area

The mix of styles, a constant throughout the house, is noted in the living area where current furniture and pieces live together in harmony vintage acquired in markets or customized by the owner.

Sofa, by Habitat. Ikea coffee table with magazine rack. Poufs upholstered by the owner in red velvet.

Color notes

The white of the walls contrasts with the warmth of the wood and with small brushstrokes of color in selected pieces, such as the colorful kimlim, acquired at the L'Isle-sur-La Sorgue market, in French Provence. On the wall, a painting focuses attention when capturing the light and tones of a picnic.

A nice reading corner

A reading corner was organized next to the living room window. It is formed by an armchair that receives natural light and a flexo that provides the necessary lighting when it gets dark. The lamp was placed on a comfortable stripper.

Armchair of the 70s, by Giancarlo Piretti.

Details with personality

A simple comfortable pickling and with drawers has been decorated with an original ceramic vase with a narrow mouth, Habitat, ideal for putting sprigs with dried flowers. From the ceiling hangs a mobile of pompoms that, gracefully, is reflected in the old mirror and puts the funny note to this bright reading corner.

Hall with warehouse capacity

In the lobby we are welcomed by an original coat rack customized by the owner, wicker chairs purchased in Bordeaux, and an industrial closet to leave coats and bags found in the market of Saint Ouen.

A comfortable delimits the environments

The dresser drawers are functional and versatile furniture because they look good anywhere in the house. This, pickling, has been strategically placed to differentiate environments: the end of the hall and the beginning of the living area. Over it, tall vases and a lamp have been placed vintage Flexo type, to illuminate the area.

Mix of styles in the family dining room

In front of the large window, a generous oval table was placed, ideal for sharing good times with family and friends. Around them different models of chairs were arranged.

Next to a market closet and pickled by the couple to get a look vintage red upholstered armchairs were arranged by the owner of the house. In contrast, the subtle design of a wicker armchair.

Extendable dining table, from Ikea. Chairs, from Kartell.

A market closet

A hand of sandpaper has been enough to give this closet, acquired in a market, a careful old look. Inside, it stores table linen and newspaper dishes. Paper pom poms, porcelain pieces and wicker screens decorate your upper area with subtle charm.

Similar decorative pompoms, in Søstrene Grene.

Feeling deep

Leaning on the wall, a simple wooden console and, above it, an antique mirror with white molding, found in a street market, visually expands the space.

Mirror Mirror

An empty wall filled with life with a composition of mirrors vintage of different sizes. Its frame and its metal hook reminiscent of the old mirrors of our grandparents' bathrooms. Carefully arranged, they decorate while visually expanding the space.

Let's go to the kitchen

The kitchen is accessed through a wooden door with frames and glass. The owner of the house, in the picture, personally took care of planning the reform, which lasted four months.

From the kitchen the living room is contemplated

The kitchen, initially open to the lobby, was redesigned by its new owners. To do this, they closed the half wall with a glazed window that allows light to enter and created a door that separates the kitchen from the dining room. As a breakfast table, a countertop and chairs typical of the 70s were placed.

Everyday objects that decorate

On the breakfast table rest some cheerful ceramic boats, acquired at the Flea Market in Paris; They are very practical to have on hand the most used condiments and spices. And to avoid confusing their contents, they are already labeled. As they are of different sizes they are perfect placed on the stairs. The work wall has been used to place other types of containers and thus leave the
table as clear as possible.

A very personal kitchen

A chest of drawers for tablecloths and cutlery were placed next to a sideboard with pine wood display cabinet. The owners of the house dared to install striking blue tiles on the kitchen floor.

Azulejos, by Emery (www.emeryetcie.com)

A hallway in full color

Through a narrow corridor you access
the three bedrooms: the main one and those of the children. They emphasize both the showyness of the wallpaper of the corridor and the bold color painting chosen for each room.

Carpet of the hall, by Antoine & Lili. Painting by Tollens.

Work area in the bedroom

The owners removed the wooden panels that originally dressed the walls and, instead, were painted with bright colors. In the master bedroom they reserved a space to organize a work table and shelves that multiply the storage capacity of the wall.

A unique children's bedroom

The passion that the owners feel for street markets and traces is present throughout the house, but above all, in the bedrooms where both furniture and decorative objects have been acquired in one of them. Hence the mixture of materials and styles that gives this home a strong personality.

Mom slept here

In the children's bedroom, the beds are old, when Madeleine was a child.

The animal head that decorates the wall is by Anne Claire Petit.


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