Inspiration: wineries at home

Inspiration: wineries at home

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How to store the wine to keep it perfect.

- Temperature: The place chosen to store the wine bottles must have a temperature between 13 and 16 ºC. In addition, it is very important that there are no variations of the thermometer; That's why heating is a great enemy of wine. A storage room in the basement can be an excellent option as a cellar.

- The light: Beware of bright places! Constant natural light on wine bottles can ruin their content. Hence, the crystals chosen for bottling tend to be dark green or brown and almost opaque, with the aim of avoiding UV rays so harmful for the conservation of wine.

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It is important to serve the wine in the appropriate glasses, large and transparent glass. Add some to your party table without worrying about combining them with your usual glassware: with the mix, you will gain in dynamism and balance.

Colored glasses of Christofle. Crystal decanter, by Riedel.

My advice


Contrary to popular belief, rotating the bottles with some periodicity does not benefit the wine at all. He prefers to rest quietly, free of vibrations and sudden movements.


The closure of the bottle, once the wine is packaged, must be airtight; Therefore, it is essential to bet on an environment with a humidity of at least 70 or 80%, where the cork maintains its permanent elasticity and does not crack.


Tablecloths with indelible stains caused by wine, especially red wine, are more than frequent; avoid it with a suitable drip system. They are in the form of a ring for the neck of the bottle, aluminum discs that fit in the mouth or the dispensers. The one in the photo is from Rosendahl.


Do you like to try different wines during dinner? The correct order is to start with the whites and then go to the red to finish with the oldest; The most important thing is to allocate a glass for each wine. To differentiate them, in Lavinia you will find these colored markers.


The sensory characteristics of the wine are accentuated by coming into contact with oxygen. Depending on its variety and years of aging, it should be allowed to oxygenate more or less time before consuming it. You can open the bottle or serve it in a decanter.

White wines, for example, can be served without waiting, while reserves need about 20 minutes of oxygenation and large reserves between 30 and 60 minutes to breathe.

Wine in Cava

Storing a few bottles of wine at home for a few months is easy, but to create a small cellar that lasts over time, special conditions of humidity, light and temperature difficult to find in a traditional apartment are necessary.

In this case, the most advisable thing is to acquire a wine cellar of a size appropriate to our needs. This model is from Miele.

Of glasses

Nothing matches better with a good wine than the right glass; so much so that its characteristics can even alter the taste of the broth.

The ideal cup should be made of smooth and transparent glass, with the thin edge and the tall stem, to hold it without heating its contents, and with the body wider than the mouth, to appreciate
the aromas

The position

The first recommendation to preserve the wine is its horizontal location; The bottles should be kept lying down so that the cork is always in contact with the wine and avoid cracks in the cap, which guarantees its tightness.

Bottle rack, from Eco Tibo Design, for sale in Dawanda.


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