Tips for organizing your home before going on vacation

Tips for organizing your home before going on vacation

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La Mallorquina

The most desired days of the year are approaching, but before you leave, do not forget to leave your home ready so that on your return you will not find any surprise. Follow these tips!

Tasks to do before you travel

Do a general cleaning, There is nothing more rewarding than going back on vacation and finding your house clean and collected. To avoid bad odors, make sure you throw away the trash, leave the ashtrays clean and empty the mop bucket. It provides for the care of plants and pets.

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Security: Close the general water tap, you will avoid flooding or that a change in pressure will damage the pipes. Check that the gas and boiler are turned off. Make sure you close the doors and windows tightly and leave the blinds halfway up. And if you have a trusted neighbor, leave keys in case and empty the mailbox.

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Unplug electrical appliances


Turn off the TV, DVD, computer ... don't leave them on stand by, since they continue to consume between 5 and 10% of the electricity bill. In addition, if there is a voltage surge, or a storm, we will prevent them from being damaged.

Clean smell

La Mallorquina atmosphere. La Mallorquina

Change the bed sheets, there is no better pleasure than going back and sleeping in a clean bed.

Do not leave anything inside the washing machine and don't close it, since the germs will multiply and cause bad odors. Pick up the laundry so that the clothes do not deform.

The bathroom ... Thoroughly

Clean the bathroom, since it is the center of bacteria. Remove the puddles of water from the shower and the non-slip mats. You will avoid the accumulation of lime and moisture, and the appearance of fungi and mold.

From Velux.

Do not leave dirty clothes in the basket and wash the towels.

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Kitchen ready

Try to consume the food of the fridge. If you have left over, freeze it or give it to a family member, disconnect it or set it to a minimum temperature.

From Ikea.

Clean the microwave and oven, so there are no food left to attract the bugs and check that the dishwasher is empty.

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