Amazon has just launched two brands of furniture

Amazon has just launched two brands of furniture

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Buy in a way on-line it has become everyday, and it does not surprise us, because it is much more comfortable than facing crowded stores. Food, clothes, products beauty... and even furniture! The offer is endless, and Amazon is like a shopping center that covers all sectors.

Being aware that consumer profiles, and their needs, are very diverse, the shopping giant has just launched two own brands of furniture: Movian and Alkove.

Movian furniture

Desk with 3 drawers


TV cabinet


Designer armchair


Japanese chest of drawers


Adding to the rest of the range of furniture that already existed on the page, with both interior decoration lines, Amazon seeks to give a fresh air to the home through versatile pieces that adapt to each lifestyle. In addition, they will gradually introduce lighting, accessories and textiles to these brands.

Alkove furniture

Beech coffee table


Solid wood mirror


Designer armchair


Solid wood chair


Specifically designed for the busiest lives, and for all those who begin to shape their homes, Movian furniture stands out for its modern and Scandinavian airs.

Alkove, on the other hand, It is a high-end firm for clients looking for high quality design and materials.

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