You will love this apartment for its spectacular terrace overlooking the city

You will love this apartment for its spectacular terrace overlooking the city

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Miriam Yeleq

Who has a terrace, has a treasure ... And many friends! That should have thought the owners of this Madrid apartment with magnificent views and enough outdoor space to enjoy great evenings, surrounded by good company, almost all year round. Thanks to its generous dimensions, The terrace is organized in several environments:
lounge, relaxation area, solarium and dining room. All of them give the feeling of being very far from the city, although the house is located in the financial center of the capital. It is not surprising that, at the first ray of sunshine, domestic life moves abroad. Another advantage of the terrace is the light that projects towards the house. Two sliding doors, on each side of the terrace, communicate outside and inside: one of them connects with the kitchen while on the other, the dining room is accessed.

These two rooms are added a living area that completes the open space The kitchen is distributed in L, in the shortest front the cooking and water areas were located while in the wider one, the appliances were installed and a breakfast bar attached to the wall. Next to the TV cabinet, in the living room, a door leads to the spacious bedroom suite, equipped with a double bed, a dressing room and a full bathroom.

As for the decoration of the house, a cozy and comfortable style was sought, with functional pieces both outside and inside. Together, the neutral tones dotted with brushstrokes of color in textile accessories prevail. All seasoned with selected accessories - such as the nice wicker trophy that presides over the kitchen or the little wooden fish that decorate the bathroom wall - and the passion for natural plants, present in all rooms, make this house a paradise green in the city, that the friends who visit it have a hard time leaving ...

Advertising - Keep reading below A corner to talk

Light furniture in a discreet gray tone equip the living area of ​​the terrace, an ideal place that invites to talk. Textiles and utensils in pink and green brighten without stridency.

Sofa, armchairs and coffee table, from Alice's garden. Striped rug, by Maisons du Monde. Cushions John, Ava and Swahili raspberry, from Gastón and Daniela.

Extra storage area
Next to the sliding access door, a piece of furniture occupies the entire front. Very functional, its interior is used to store cushions, plaids, garden tools and outdoor utensils. Pots and planters decorate its surface. Natural fiber lanterns, from El Corte Inglés. On the coffee table, kitchenware, for sale at Meraki Studio.

Touch fresh
The owner loves plants and on this beautiful terrace she can boast them. Grateful species, such as carnations, and resistant, such as cacti, ferns and palm leaves, put the fresh note in their different environments.


The generous terrace has a space equipped with two comfortable hammocks, ideal for sunbathing, resting or enjoying the aperitif. An outdoor shower allows you to cool off when the heat is intense. Reclining sun loungers, from Alice's garden. Cushions and towel, from El Corte Inglés.

Protective sky
At certain times, the sun is too intense on the terrace; To screen it, a structure was installed with motorized awnings that extend partially or totally, as desired. The canvases, in light tones, filter the rays without subtracting light from inside the house.

Small chill out

At the other end of the terrace there is a casual reading environment, which allows you to relax in the shade thanks to its thatched roof. Wicker chairs, from Maisons du Monde. Cushions, by Meraki Studio. Fiber pouf, from Zara Home. Tray, from El Corte Inglés. Screen of branches, from Amazon.

Dining room with views

Between the hammock area and the chill out there was a dining table for six people with incredible views.

Table and chairs, from Alice's garden. Tablecloth and melamine utensils, from the new outdoor collection of El Corte Inglés.

L-shaped sofa

Following the same formula as the terrace seating area, it has a gray upholstered corner sofa, a coffee table that rests on a carpet and plants everywhere. Sofa, tray, vases and carpet, from El Corte Inglés. Coffee table, by Maisons du Monde.

Cheerful Textiles
An excellent idea to energize the living area is to choose accessories in bright tones, such as these textiles in blue, green and yellow. Palampore flower cushions from the Librería and velvet collection, Habana oro; Everything from Gastón and Daniela. Yellow blanket, from Munay.

Indoor dining room

The living room shares space with the dining room, although both environments are perfectly differentiated. Its large windows and the sliding door allow access to the terrace and contemplate the urban landscape. The dining room is equipped with a table for six guests and Nordic design chairs. Mesa, by Maisons du Monde. Chairs, from SuperStudio. Damajuanas, from El Corte Inglés.

More privacy
The numerous windows with which the house has facilitate the entry of light throughout the day. To screen it, roller blinds were placed with screen fabric, in a gray tone, which allow to see the outside while preserving the intimacy inside the house.

Work space

In the sink and cooking areas a baseboard with white tiles was created, suitable for thorough cleaning. The washing machine was placed next to the battery. In the upper wall two simple shelves store boats, small appliances, recipe books and aromatic plants. Kitchen, from El Corte Inglés.

By contrast
The kitchen furniture, in white, was completed with an anthracite gray countertop, such as stools, a contrast that maintains the same chromatic play as the rest of the house. Highlights the color of the sink and the faucet in pure white to give a greater sense of cleanliness.

In metalic

A decorative stainless steel bell was placed on the ceramic hob, matching the clock and the drainer horizontally arranged on a metal bar. Wicker trophy, from Royal Spanish Factory.

Breakfast bar
In small kitchens, like this one, without office space, you can expand the surface by installing a folding table with two sidewalks, which allows fast meals. Stools, from El Corte Inglés.

With headboard

From the living room, a door communicates with the only bedroom in the house. This one has a bed
of marriage with gray headboard upholstered in capitone, to match the bench located at the foot. The neutral tone of the room is revitalized thanks to the bedding. Headboard, from Kenay Home. Printed comforter, cushions and blanket; Everything from El Corte Inglés. Upholstered bench, from

In duplicate
Two tables were placed on the side of the bed
type nest that serve as a bedside table. Its two heights allow to expand the surface, as needed. Following them, is the dressing room, furnished with two closets in parallel.

In private
In the bedroom, the bedside lamp was replaced by a design with star-shaped LEDs that, in addition to lighting, decorates. Under the nest tables a basket was arranged, to have books and magazines on hand. Luminous star, from Casa. Wicker basket with handles, from Maisons du Monde.

Mini shelving work

The headboard wall is topped in a corner with shelves lacquered in gray to store books, photo frames and various decorative objects.

With integrated bathroom

Half-height tiled with ceramic coating, the bathroom consists of sink, shower and toilet. Highlights the original wall decoration. Towels and coral, from Zara Home. Wooden fish, from

Housing plan

Housing plan


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