A house with a rustic soul

A house with a rustic soul

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Ten years ago Decorator Tara Flanagan bought this house, which seemed charming, in the town of Begur in Girona. And now, after reforming it with the interior designer Josep Curanta, it seems even more so. He wanted to change it because he found nothing practical distribution, since the common space, which was on the ground floor, lacked light, especially in the kitchen and dining room, and had no view of the town.

In addition, the garden was accessed through the bedrooms on the second floor and it was strange to enjoy the outside area and the best views of Begur only from the private area of ​​the house. So for years Tara dreamed of turning the house over; something he could finally do after selling his flat in London.

After the reform the distribution was as follows: on the ground floor a hall was projected, two suites with bathrooms that, in summer are very cool, and the stairs that lead to the upper floor. In this one, where before there was a suite, there is now a diaphanous space that houses living room, dining room and kitchen, with access to the garden by a facade and views of the town by another. On this floor, in addition, two bedrooms and a bathroom are maintained. In this way, the common space opens to the outside, the circulation is fluid and natural light flows without encountering any obstacles.

The interior decoration harmonizes with the Rustic coatings marked rustic style of the house. Special decorative value have the white painted ceiling and the textured walls. Vintage accessories display all their charm in the company of a selection of antique furniture, acquired in the Golborne Road market in London, and in Mercantic, located in Sant Cugat del Vallés.

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The ceiling with viguería seen, painted in white as the walls, and the terracotta flooring frame a living area that, although retaining the simplicity of the rustic style, gains femininity with floral cushions and brushstrokes in roses.

Sofa Ektorp, from Ikea. Chaise longue, from the antique market of Golborne Road, in London. Cushions, by Lu Ink and Filocolore, from this last store also comes the plaid Basket with freckles, from La Maison. Carpet by Gra. Decorator, Tara Flanagan.

Vintage mirrors composition

Several mirrors of diverse origin and time, which the family of the owner has been collecting, form a dynamic and personal composition in this corner of the room.

Armchairs, of Mercantic, permanent market of furniture and antique objects of Sant Cugat del Vallés, in Barcelona. Cushion with flowers and basket, by Lu Ink. Stove, of Barbecues.

A very chic chaise longue

Arms in volute and a studded leather that shows wear and tear over time, this chaise longue, acquired at Golborne Road Market, is a key piece in the living room.

The cushions: with flowers, by Lu Ink, and with moles,
from Filocolore, they add an air country and feminine

Antique furniture of a market in London

The chairs, with a shield-shaped backrest, and the table, in a delicate green tone, were purchased on Golborne Road, a famous antique market of the city. To highlight, the mix of textures.

On the table, pieces, from India & Pacific, and cloth, from La Maison. Next to the sofa, lamp, by Cado. On the wall: work, by Craig Staff and prints, by Barry Flanagan.

Chic and stylish kitchenware

Cupcakes, macarons ... Along with delicatessen pastries, homemade muffins also deserve an elegant presentation.

Glass pieces, from India & Pacific. Tela, by La Maison.

A staircase connects the kitchen with the upstairs

Its location does not condition the distribution of the ground floor and its design, so refined that lightens its visual weight, does not recharge the space. A plus, with its lacquered steel structure and wooden steps, is integrated into the aesthetics of the project.

Renovation of the house and design, by Tara Flanagan and Josep Curanta.

A kitchen with tradition

True to the essence of the rustic style, the kitchen furniture is work. It is distributed in L to make the circulation in this area of ​​passage and access to the garden more fluid. Its space is optimized with a high wooden table, multipurpose, and a front of cabinets with large storage capacity.

Retro stools, by Mercantic. Tableware, from India & Pacific.

The kitchen, overlooking the garden

Instead of rustic tile, the worktop is extended on the wall to protect it from splashes. The environment is thus more homogeneous.

One more success, install a panoramic window to fully enjoy the views of the garden.

A charming kitchen scale

Years 30, years 40 ..., this scale of the Swiss brand Lyssex continues to weigh accurately. In markets, almonedas and Internet you will find similar models, an ideal retro detail for the kitchen!

Garden with two heights: Living area

The slope of the land conditioned the distribution of the exterior. On the lower level a lovely seating area with a small pool was placed.

Chairs, from Little House. Bag, from La Maison. Lounger, from India & Pacific. Coffee table, from Merc & Cia. Carpet, from Gra.

The pool area

In the solarium a small pool was projected to cool off when the good weather arrives. In summer, it is a more open room environment, for its direct access from the kitchen.

Deck chair and cushion, from India & Pacific.

A dining room for the summer

On the upper level of the garden was the dining room on grass.

To the left, dining room, of Little House. Tablecloth,
from Filocolore. Individuals, from Cado.

Cool decorative details

The flowers put the touch fresh You need an outdoor table. Improvise a simple floral arrangement with a container like this, a basket,
from La Maison. Individuals, from Cado.

A children's bedroom in natural wood

The pine wood bunk and the set of table and chairs so retro, evoking the style of school furniture, distill simplicity. The counterpoint, multicolored bursts in textiles and the lamp make the atmosphere acquire a more festive air.

Bunk, from Mobi Expo. Bedspreads, cushions, wreath, carpet and slippers, from Filocolore. Curtain fabric, from Ikea. Ceiling lamp, and table with chairs, from Mercantic, permanent antiques market.

The master bedroom, soft and romantic

The chintz floral prints a more feminine air to this suite room in white, decorated with rustic retro furniture. The plus of warmth, the natural fiber carpets on the terracotta.

Bedside table, closet, chaise longue and bank were acquired in Mercantic. Duvet cover and pink blanket, from La Maison. Cushions, by La Maison and Lu Ink, except for the heart, which is from Filocolore. Carpets, by Gra.

Old fireplace in the bedroom

A cozy corner by the fireplace precedes the bathroom.

Next to the fireplace, side table and ceiling lamp, Golborne Road market.

The bathroom

A rustic space, with a work shower, which is cozy painted in a very clear ocher.

Corbel recovered with drawer, restored by Tara Flanagan.

Stylish bathrooms

Classics in the bathrooms of other times, the exempt bathtub with wall taps and a large format mirror are key pieces that evoke that vintage style. Next to them, the white shelf and the towel basket are very practical.

Mirror, bathtub and auxiliary shelving, recovered and restored by Tara Flanagan.

Plan and ideas of the reform

How to renew the rustic style

- The essence is preserved Thanks to the original elements, such as the ceiling with visible beams, it was painted in white to propagate natural light and visually expand the space.

- Windows with cuarterones they are replaced by other panoramas; the fusion with the exterior allows to renew the interiors.

- White walls and in ocher tones are the classic ones; but highlighting some in blue, green, mauve, or even pink, will give a fresh and contemporary air to the decoration.

- A plus, design a new ladder, flown and purified, that becomes a focal point. Located in the optimal place, it will make the circulation more fluid.


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