Join the discounts and buy (much) cheaper

Join the discounts and buy (much) cheaper

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Organization family.

The first thing you have to do is to plan the things you need and where you usually buy them. Get the loyalty cards of the establishments where you usually shop. It is usually an easy and quick request to fill out. After your first purchase you will get coupons or discounts will be accumulated for future purchases. Remember to always carry it on. Of the products you need, search on specialized websites, redemption coupons ... You will only have to deliver them in cash at the time of payment.

Order and control.

The use of discount coupons is a tradition in English-speaking countries which is gradually imposed in our country.

discount coupons

Save the coupons you get after each purchase by looking at the date of validity So they don't expire. Spend a little weekly time looking for web coupons, print them and save them with others. When you go shopping, make a list and take only the coupons of what is in it. Box delivery and the discount will apply.

The most useful apps and websites.

The big trademark distribution coupons to redeem on their websites.

online shopping

The best known are Next to you, Procter & Gamble platform, with discounts among others from Ariel, Fairy or Don Limpio; Unilever and You and Feed Danone smiles. Between the apps, discover Groupon or MasCupon, or those of the brands like McDonald's or Dia.


Supermarkets Many establishments have their own loyalty cards that make discounts on purchases or return part of the amount in redeemable checks or vouchers. Club Day Card, Club Carrefour or My Club Caprabo are some of the best known. You can also redeem discounts from major brands on large surfaces.

Clothes shops. Almost all establishments have free loyalty cards. They accumulate points for every euro you spend and those points are then redeemable for money.

Gas stations. The average cost of a family in fuel is about 1200 euros per year. In addition to looking for cheaper gas stations and more efficient driving, you can save money with loyalty cards. You will get direct discounts or redeemable points.

Leisure. In specialized apps you can find discount coupons in restaurants, theaters or shows. Great movie chains also have their cards with which you will accumulate points. And if you travel a lot, get the point cards of the airlines and Renfe.


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