We propose a delicious banquet for Christmas food

We propose a delicious banquet for Christmas food

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Warm salad of prawns and leeks

Fresh and light, this salad with prawns will be the gala opening for your Christmas meal. And after the excesses of the previous night your guests will thank you. A simple and quick dish to prepare.

Full recipe here

Seafood soup

Next, start heating your stomachs with a delicious seafood soup, as typical of Christmas as the nougat itself.

Full recipe here


Scallops over carrot cream

Can there be something more delicious than delicate? Go ahead and make this year these scallops with carrot cream, a super light dish.

Full recipe here

Herb Glazed Turkey

The main character of the Christmas meal will undoubtedly be the turkey. This year with herbs and frosting. Excellent!

Full recipe here


Strawberry Jam Stuffed Cookies

Nobody bitter a sweet ... much less these delicious cookies filled to accompany the coffee.

Full recipe here

Chocolate Panettone

And if the desktop extends ... do not hesitate, a panettone in the afternoon will put the finishing touch to a perfect Christmas Day.

Full recipe here


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