Rehabilitate with charm a rural house

Rehabilitate with charm a rural house

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Rehabilitate an old town house, nestled in the Empordà, without losing an iota of its traditional charm was the objective that its owners were marked: a young couple with two children. The mission fell to him studio Lizarriturry Tuneu architects, who followed closely the wishes of their customers while proposing their best ideas to gain in breadth.

So, on the one hand, respected the exterior architecture and interior finishes which initially featured the three-story house: Tufa pavement recovered typical of the area, vaulted ceilings, wooden windows ... While, on the other, they opted to claim the open spaces, as if it were an urban loft. Said and done. The dining room and kitchen became one, as well as the master bedroom and the living room. The three floors of the house were divided at pleasure. At the entrance of the ground floor a large hall was set up whose amplitude was used to place a table that serves as a mini office. Next is the kitchen-dining room, which avoids uncomfortable movements. It is completed with a small balcony and a toilet.

A simple staircase leads to the upper floors. On the first floor are the bedrooms (main and children's), a bathroom and the living room. And in the second, there was a small attic and a generous chill out terrace where to enjoy wonderful views and practically make a living in summer. It was designed a workbench that serves as a viewpoint and in whose enjoyment the family and their guests spend the hours. The result of the reform was a resounding success. No wonder its owners, proud of their new home, ended up calling him Ca La Bonica; there is nothing more to add ...

Advertising - Keep reading under Chill out terrace

To take advantage of the magnificent views of the terrace, a long work bench was designed that serves as a viewpoint. In the background you can see the door of the storage loft. At the entrance, a bookcase with doors allows you to have books - or coffee - at hand. Workbench designed by Lizarriturry Tuneu. Teklassic table. Teak chairs, from La Bòbila. Cushions and plaid, by Luzio. Pouf, of the Immaculate Conception

Arched window

The traditional finish of the windows was respected, whether square or like this one, of arch. The light that goes through the light curtains allows you to enjoy reading on the sofa. The double cotton curtain, in white and maroon, by Ikea, insulates from the cold at night.

Vivacious cushions

If raw tones predominate on the sofa, arrange cushions of different sizes and form them with loose scraps: stripes, flowers ... that brighten the mood. Always respecting the same color range.

Seat with hearth

Two stone sphinxes found in the garden have been recovered as the basis for a practical bench in a corner of the room. A wooden shelf was placed on them, and soft gray cushions did the rest. This bank could also be located, for example, in the hall.

Bedroom and living room share space

Located on the first floor, the master bedroom shares space with the cozy living room formed by a sofa and a unique coffee table, at ground level. Sofa, from India & Pacific. Cushions, by Luzio. Carpet by Zara Home. Antique 60's armchair and floor and table lamps by Antique Boutique. Ikea white painted wicker poufs. The headboard of the wooden bed and the coffee table, made by hand, are designs by Lizarriturry Tuneu. Danish stove Morso, by Ferro i Foc de Palafruguell.

A table on the floors

Wooden boxes that originally housed cava have joined in the form of a square and now its interior is used to place books, discs or candles. At ground level, it serves as a coffee table.

Kitchen with family tradition

The old round table of solid wood that presides over the dining room is inherited, as is the low cabinet converted into a showcase. In the background, the modern kitchen, designed by Lizarriturry Tuneu, with oven, by Neff. Bell and plates, from Gaggenau. Esparto rug, by Batlle in La Bisbal.

Detail of the entrance to the kitchen Practical shelves in the kitchen

To have everything at hand, Lizarriturry Tuneu designed these sensational white shelves with a door to preserve its interior. Under the sink, a shelf - or the recovered tuff floor itself - is used to deposit the most used household items daily. Kitchen designed by Lizarriturry Tuneu with special furniture, by Deulonder: American oak wood worktop; microcement sink. Flexo lamp, by Otranto and apply, by Deulonder.

American kitchen

The kitchen is perfectly integrated into the dining room, and all thanks to the discreet design of the black furniture, by Deulonder, embedded in the American oak countertop. The table always ready for the day with flowers and for the night, with candles. Chairs, for sale in La Inmaculada Concepción.

Order in the kitchen

Extra storage: When not all the utensils fit in the kitchen furniture, new storage places must be invented. Place some shelves on the wall and you will create shelves where you can organize the condiments or the daily dinnerware. Have the countertop cleared to work your best. Have a container on one side to have the kitchen knives at hand. If the kitchen and dining room are together, always have scented candles on hand to eliminate smoke and bad odors. In the event that you do not have a ceiling lamp on the countertop, use direct light: a wall lamp, a flexo, etc.
Basic containers: forget to store the cutlery in drawers, keep them always at hand and well organized in nice metal beakers, like these, from Ikea, for spoons, knives, forks and kitchen utensils.

Basic bet in the children's bedroom

The children's bedroom is a place of rest but also of games; Therefore, the basic furniture, a carpet to crawl and a table for the first readings and drawings were chosen. Cot and shelving, by Ikea. Canopy, from Habitat. Table and chair, by Nobodinoz.

Warmth in materials

The warmth of the wood and the purity of the white make the rooms cozy. Clothes and cushion, by Luzio.

Makeshift bedside table

When there is no room for the traditional bedside table in the bedroom, stack a few books, one on top of the other, up to the height of the pillow. Instead of placing the lamp on them, place an adjustable spotlight on each side of the headboard and ... you already have a problem solved!

Different ornaments

Beautiful glass jars, a hand-painted tile or a simple vase are some ideas to decorate the surface of a traditional iron stove and replace the typical photo frames.

Straight lines in the bathroom

A rustic style with colored microcement furniture was proposed for the bathroom. Highlights the refined lines in the decoration and respect for structural elements, such as shutters. The original countertop of the sink extends in the form of a practical bench. Mirror with wooden frame, by Habitat. Stoneware basin, by Raventós de Fonteta. Sanitary, of Roca.


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