This storage tank is now a luxury home

This storage tank is now a luxury home

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Most people would see this rusty storage tank as unusable. However, brothers Taimoor and Rehan were clear that it would be their next home renovation project.

Do you think the idea is crazy? As it turns out that it is the plot of the new television series of the brothers, which will be called You Can't Turn That Into A House and that will premiere on July 15 at FYI.

After replacing the ends of the tank with windows and leaving a huge space for the doors, the brothers, together with their friend and contractor Kyle, have turned this inhospitable place into a luxury home.

The results are really amazing.

They not only made a porch with built-in seats and a small space for fire, but also added a cozy bed overlooking the forest.

Right across the house, they built a small space with a leather sofa and a kitchen with a bar table for the guests.

To see the rest of this original reinvention, don't miss the brothers' television show.

Via: Country Living US


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