East Wind: Asian Style Lounges

East Wind: Asian Style Lounges

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The japanese design it is trendy. Elegant, modern and with refined lines, furniture and Japanese accessories They have a lot to contribute to western decoration. Already in the 40s and 50s the designs of Isamu Noguchi and Sori Yanagi, furniture with sculptural vocation, such as the Coffee Table, the Freeform Sofa and the stool Butterfly. You will find them on the Vitra website.

Current designs are the pieces of the Issey Miyake table collection for the Finnish firm Iittala; the sofa and the chaise longue Wrap, from Omi Tahara to Yamakawa Rattan, and Ojami cushions, from Takaokaya, made with a mix of upholsteries. To complete the decoration, rice straw tatami mats, which you will find in Futon On Line and Haiku-Futon. The Nordic version of these are the carpets of the Finnish firms Woodnotes and Hanna Korvela. Did you know that in Finland cotton and paper carpets have a long tradition?

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The Nordic countries have in common with Japan
The same goal when decorating: achieve harmony at home. Create a composition that conveys that peace with utensils and handicrafts: bamboo, linen, ceramics, cane, wood ... The Danish firm Lene Bjerre's deco proposal gets it with the tray Brina (€ 36.95). Ceramic bowl (€ 25.95), spoon (€ 10.95) and table runner Mania, in linen (€ 60.95).

Less is more

Style key: decorate only with the necessary elements, so that the visual field is clear and calm reigns. Oriental simplicity contributes to order and both allow any texture to gain relief. Spectacular wall with paper design Ursa Oliveby Pierre Frey (308 / roll). Daybed, from La Trésorerie. Lamp, by Ay Illuminate, for sale in Storie, in cotton and
bamboo; its design evokes the Chinese lanterns or balloons of desire, which in Asian festivals are lit and ascend to the sky. The tea or chanoyu ceremony and the ikebana or Japanese floral art are represented in this environment with great elegance. The black cast iron kettle or tetsubin contrasts with the delicate flowers. Try placing water lilies, Japanese anemomas, magnolias, cherry blossoms ... in a Nordic-looking vase.

Texture set

The fusion of design and nature is a reality in this environment, where the furniture harmonizes with the decoration of the walls. The presence of eco elements is a constant in Asian countries. The wooden furniture, the fibers and the handmade paper of the background connect the interior of the house with its surroundings. Paper Tucana from the collection Gramineesby Pierre Frey (€ 310 / roll approx.). Armchair CH25, designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1950 for the firm Carl Hansen & Son. Lamp Bamboo M3, by Ay Illuminate, for sale in Storie. Mesa, by Chiara Colombini. In a decoration free of ornaments, the lamps look more. Discover two collections with oriental designs and dissemination of the
dim and special light: In-ei, by Issey Miyake for Artemide, in recycled fiber, and the Akari, by Isamu Noguchi edited by Vitra, in shoji paper.

Zen spirit

Create an oasis of relaxation with a serene deco.
Details do not abound in these environments, but you can add some complement that gives the space a more refined air and promotes well-being. Zen decoration are not Buddhas, nor bamboo ... and the balance that is achieved with few objects and natural materials. From Bloomingville: blown glass and ceramic vases (61 and 31).

Magnet effect

A vintage-inspired furniture, if it has simple lines, turns with its black lacquered structure into a piece of oriental air. The console is the starting point for a decoration black & white, that trend that surprise! It also triumphs among the Nordic firms. Console Nihové, in cane and braided wicker (€ 179) and black vase (€ 64.99). Everything from La Redoute.

Goodbye stress

A neutral and clear stage, well decorated, is full of nuances and in it, the atmosphere is relaxing, a slow point. The neutral is not monotonous. The proof is this zigzag print in cement tone, inspired by traditional Japanese tatami carpets. It is a serene background that enhances the shapes of the bank and the coat rack. Painted paper Makisu from the collection Hana, subtly textured (€ 83.40 / roll), and upholstery Enso Y Shiko, from the firm Villa Nova. Bank, from Garden Trading. An atmosphere can acquire oriental air with a paper, a vinyl or an upholstery with Asian motifs and symbols: porcelain, teapots, kimonos, scenes of geisha in gardens, flowers, bonsai, engravings, writing, temples, dragons, koi fish, torii arcs , kokeshi dolls, Mount Fuji ...


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