Dear Magi ... 10 ideal gifts for girls

Dear Magi ... 10 ideal gifts for girls

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We girls like that the little universe around us distills charm.

Advertising - Keep reading under Mini chest of drawers Amazon.co.uk

For rings, bracelets ... or office supplies. With fronts hippy chicIt looks like a comfortable mini, but it's the box Mikka. From Balvi

Buy € 38.55 at Amazon.es

Letter with light bulbs Amazon.co.uk

Follow the trends? Then, this lamp of letters will fascinate you. You can decorate it with paint, washi tape ...

Buy Your price: € 21.90 at Amazon.es

With glamor

We have a practical sense of life, but we value aesthetics as that element that makes our surroundings shine and transforms it into a cozy environment.

Buy Cushion covers (€ 7.49 each); candle jar (€ 9.99) and candle holder (€ 3.99). Everything from H&M Home.

Cup of tea with plate

Porcelain and with a patterned rose. Pure delicacy! It belongs to the collection Rose cottageby Villeroy & Boch.

Buy Cup of tea with matching plate (€ 34.79).

High-end wine

If you are a true winemaker, Malleolus of Sanchomartín 2010 It is a high-end wine from Bodegas Emilio Moro. It is considered one of the best vintages of the decade.

Buy 150 € in Amazon.es.

Functionality and coquetry Amazon.co.uk

The perfect synthesis of functionality and coquetry. With a collapsible drawer that when raised, discovers an internal mirror.

Buy € 119.99 on Amazon.co.uk

Premium candle Amazon.co.uk

A candle premium with a very special aroma, from Cerería Vila Hermanos.

Buy € 32.18 on Amazon.co.uk

Sports bracelet Amazon.co.uk

For the runner or so they want to start the year "putting the batteries" ...

Buy € 25.49 on Amazon.co.uk

LED flashlight Amazon.co.uk

Its shape evokes those lanterns with which the station chiefs illuminated the platform, but instead of sailing it has LEDs.

Buy € 19.98 at Amazon.es

Standing mirror

Never again will you have to ask yourself: “What do I wear?” The standing mirror Knapper, from Ikea, leans on a very useful back bar to prepare the next day's clothes.

Buy Measures 48 x 160 cm (€ 49.99).


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