Desks of all styles to attract inspiration!

Desks of all styles to attract inspiration!

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Work or studies, whatever your obligation to have an office in conditions is essential for the muse to arrive, so ... to get ideas!

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A desk that perfectly combines wood, white and pastel colors.

Pinterest: Ana Gracia


One of the keys that you should keep in mind to study or work better, is lighting: the more natural, the better, and if you accompany it with wood and white tones the atmosphere will be even more welcoming.

Pinterest: Laura G


If you are minimalist, this black solid wood desk is what you need. Nordic airs for a house to the last!

Buy now at IKEA.


With a lot of glamor, a white desk and a golden polka dot wall, ideal for fashionistas!

Pinterest: Peach Paty


Pastel tones are still a trend, and a pink desk will help you get a feminine and cheerful office.

Buy now at IKEA.

For artists

If crafts are your thing, this is the best way to have your paintings neat and in sight. And how beautiful it is!

Pinterest: Delfina Belchor


All in wood, perfect to achieve a rustic-chic style without going to the countryside.

Pinterest: Ana Boe

With panels

And if you add some panels to the wall to hang your drawings more arty? Choose them of different colors to give joy to the office!

Pinterest: Emily

Black and white

Mixing black and white is the right choice if you are looking to get a look elegant and modern, especially if you add a little nature with a small plant.

Pinterest: Miriam Blasco

Pink power

Pink and white remind of strawberry and cream ice cream. Sweet, very sweet ...!

Pinterest: Ximena López


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