We are hallucinating with this garden house

We are hallucinating with this garden house

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Andrew Giammarco

The origins of this garden in a Seattle house are far from what they are now. And at the beginning, the land was populated by vegetation that grew wild at ease. Being aware that their home would soon be transformed into a jungle, the owners decided to create a new space.

An oasis designed to relax in an environment surrounded by nature.

The project, carried out by the team of architects and landscape designers of Board & Vellum, and Proform Construction, was inspired by a shed of modern airs where the material par excellence was glass, so that the views of the trees could be appreciated at all times.

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This multifunctional space is distributed in a reading room, a guest bedroom, a bathroom and a small lounge. Outside, it has an additional shower ideal for cooling off when leaving the sauna or the jacuzzi.

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Andrew Giammarco Andrew Giammarco


Andrew Giammarco Andrew Giammarco


Andrew Giammarco Andrew Giammarco Andrew Giammarco

Project: Board & Vellum; Proform Builds

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