Living-dining room-kitchen: A deco based on the details

Living-dining room-kitchen: A deco based on the details

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The interior design team of Lola Home was in charge of decorating the space, which had the main furniture, but which lacked everything else. This is how the vivid and warm atmosphere it has now was achieved.

BEFORE THE REFORM. Although the space is fantastic for its spaciousness and luminosity, the living room was very soulless and cold. Too functional and not very cozy: more like an office than a house. LOLA HOME AFTER THE REFORM. Auxiliary furniture and ornamental objects are salt and pepper of decorative change. They have customized each of the areas in which the living room is divided. The small still lifes of ornaments on the tables, the ambient lighting to create intimate corners and the daring sparks of color are the elements that have been managed to obtain such excellent results. LOLA HOME

Light without a clipper. The living room is flooding with light, as large windows replace the walls. It has dispensed with blinds or curtains to enjoy the great views. A quality insulating enclosure, with glass with sun protection, are recommended in spaces like this.

Three different environments. It has the living room, composed of a sofa with chaise longue around a side table and framed by the carpet. The dining room, with a large table and matching chairs, and the bar, located in a corner and separated by a partition to the ceiling.

Looking for contrasts. The colors also serve to delimit the different environments. The wide space and the powerful light have allowed to choose a dark brown for the sofa, which is animated with the cushions, in vibrant colors. In the dining room has opted, in opposition, for a broken target.

Textures game. It is one of the great successes of interior design, which mixes velvety surfaces - the upholstery of the sofas - with others of rugged touch - the stone-like coating of the bar bar -, and combines very varied finishes, such as aging, polishing, etc.

Check out all the details of the space:


Pop style. Colorful elements, characteristic of this fun aesthetic, provide the casual and cheerful atmosphere that was needed: the bar, the high stools with bright red and black finishes, the posters with light bulbs ...

Funny cushions Only with three cushions the living has been greatly improved. They put brushstrokes of color on the chocolate sofa with its solar tones (orange, yellow) and summer motifs.

Pineapples and plants to cool. All decoration has focused on these two elements. Pineapples are present in ornamental objects and cushion prints. The plants, authentic or imitation, incorporate nature into the interiors with small ferns, drawers, cacti, etc.


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