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"At home we live my husband, my daughter Alma, our dog Lolita and me. We built it ourselves on a family land. After several years of work, we managed to finish it to our liking and we are super proud of the final result." With these words, Marta, the blogger in front of Mum & Home, presents his home and invites us to move on to him. The house to which it refers is a construction of 230m2, distributed on a main floor of 174m2 (with the hall, the living room, the kitchen, two bedrooms, a game room, a study and two bathrooms) and a second level with attic and terrace. It is located in Les Franqueses del Vallès, "with the city near but surrounded by forest," he explains.

One of his priorities was to create a good base on which to raise his new life: "We decided to devote a large part of the budget to the structure, facilities, insulation, carpentry and good soil." To compensate, they spent the minimum money when decorating, pulling imagination and ingenuity. "Furniture is mainly low cost and of own manufacture ", he confesses. With them he has created a Nordic style interior where natural materials, light pieces, serene colors predominate with wise strokes of more vivid tones.

When they designed their own house, they created it in their image and likeness, covering all their needs. "Some decisions we made (and with which we are delighted) were installing radiant heating, choosing the total white for the kitchen, put fitted wardrobes in all rooms or not put bathtubs, but shower trays XL ". Although his favorite part is" the garden with pool that we share with my parents. We especially enjoy it in the spring and summer months. We also have a mini garden and we love picking our strawberries or lemons in season. "

In the gallery that precedes these lines you can see your home in full.

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Just by looking at the hall we can already get an idea of ​​how the house will be: a lot of white, Nordic design and DIY pieces, like the mirror, to which Marta added a table to serve as a shoemaker and shelf.

Link the dots

"We put this beautiful mole paper by Trixie Baby with the idea of ​​giving the space a little depth," Marta explains.

White purity

The blogger painted both the photo frame and the console of Maisons du monde white, to brighten the entrance. Under her, shoemaker of Ikea.

First steps

A photo of the legs of his daughter Alma presides over the room.


Marta took special care that the room was prepared for children and pets, with sturdy furniture and washable fabrics.

Star piece

Stresses on Ikea sofa. On a paneled wall with wooden flooring, sheets that she designed and framed.


Marta bought the coffee table she bought at Wallapop and gave her a second life with a marble imitation vinyl.

100% washable

The cactus carpet is from Lorena Canals.

Nordic touches

Most accessories are from H&M Home.

Living room

Next to the living room is the dining area.

Well surrounded

Mesa is from Ikea with chairs from Eames and Miliboo.

Good support

The sideboard is a Besta module from Ikea to which Marta has placed a spruce envelope. The basket-magazine rack is from Natura Casa and the letters A and L from La coquette coquette.

Golden touches lowcost

The owner has intervened the white walls with golden moles, with an adhesive sheet that she bought at Amazon and a die cutter.

Fresh flowers

The golden vase is from H&M Home with Flobox flowers.

Children's area

A play area has been reserved in the lounge. The bike is Stella Doppia brand.

Stay in check

Marta has intervened the front of the countertop with grid vinyl, "to transform the front of white and bland glass that we have been seeing for the past five years," he explains.

Black and white photography

On a kitchen wall, black and white photographs Marta made of her sheet.

Deserved rest

Marta in her bedroom.

Dreams come true

As headboard of the bed, mural by the artist Núria Toll.

White and grey

At the foot of the bed, fireplace front flanked by two upholstered armchairs.

Create home

Flowers and cushions in a corner of your bedroom.

Reading zone

Three Ikea shelves with suitcase and rainbow from Kids Boetiek and Inuk Home garland. In the rocking chair of the Eames, cushion of Le Mimosh.

Very good looking

Half the wall has been painted with Chalk Pain. The shelf is from Dulcefimo.

A bedtime story

The crib has become a reading area. On the wall, This is Kool vinyl and sheets of Apuchy Shop and Anthologie de Papier. Ooh-noo bedding.

Ikea hack

Harlequin pouf from Minimoi and comfortable Malm de Ikea that Marta intervened with vinyl moles.

Creative zone

Table and stools of the FLISAT series of Ikea, so that Alma can paint.

Game room

Alma has a game room, although, since she has begun to crawl, Marta has created several areas throughout the house.

Refuge A wheat field

Roomblush spikes wallpaper.


Thanks to a large mirror the bathroom is visually enlarged.


The house has two bathrooms.


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