An extra bright and ultra modern house

An extra bright and ultra modern house

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Relaxing. This is the interior design of this floor, redecorated by Barea + Partners based on a radical change in its distribution and the use of wood and neutral tones. Thus the aura of tranquility is achieved with the Levantine horizon in the background.

The doors disappear and the spaces follow each other. Main rooms of common decorative line and extra luminosity, achieved not only by the shades and materials used but also by the large window with which the floor has.

Advertising - Keep reading below A warm and peaceful environment

Lots of wood and neutral tones. Natural fabrics and an artificial lighting that creates an atmosphere without reducing the prominence during the day to the brimming with space, oriented towards the Spanish Levante Sea.

Common space to the horizon

The day area and the master bedroom have as a backdrop the views of the horizon through the large windows.

Here you can see the flooded shelf that supports the TV. It seems to float due to the lighting set used under the run shelf. On the other side, the bedroom.

Delimited kitchen

The kitchen open to the living room and bounded by the height and floor covering. In the background, view of the small rooms.

Fusion of environments

Dining room, living room and kitchen share space and integrate with the bedroom, which can be delimited by sliding glass panels and a curtain that gives privacy to the space.

The bedroom is integrated into the day area

View of the master bedroom from the dining room.

What a view!

The windows overlooking the sea. Sand-colored blinds grant intimacy to the interior without hiding the views.

The strength of careful lighting

At night, the strength of the lighting project designed by Barea + Partners for this floor is evident.

Optical play: light and airborne parts

The beds have a decorative role not only in the bedroom but as a piece that is integrated into the day area. The wooden structure on which the room rests is suspended on the floor, extends into the wall as a headboard and reaches the ceiling, also separated from it by lighting.

Goodbye to the furniture in the master bedroom

On the floor, a carpet that delimits the rest area. Few more furniture in the bedroom, just a fiber armchair.

Bedroom with integrated bathroom

On each side of the bed, an access: one communicates with a shower area and the other with the bathroom and dressing room.

A true suite Dressing room with mirrored front

The dressing room, with mirror fronts. This reflects the area of ​​the bathroom sink integrated into the bedroom.

The main bathroom

Simple, refined lines, neutral and natural materials.

The shower area

A comfortable shower area.

The hall

In the hall a sculptural piece: a marble fountain.

Study and work corner

A mini work zone.

Well used bedroom

One of the bedrooms of the house, at the opposite end of the house to the window overlooking the sea. It has been solved with a custom wooden structure on which the mattress rests, just below the window.

Blank carpentry

Detail of the carpentry of the house, on white.

A luminous tour

The entire apartment has integrated lighting that marks the route through the environments.

Full white bathroom

Another of the bathrooms, yes to white. Next to the sink, a closet front.

Distribution plan


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