Make your own pincushion

Make your own pincushion

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To hold, mark, fix, catch ... the pins help us in the sewing tasks so they deserve a pin to match. What if we make our own flirty design? Follow these steps.

MATERIALS: - Fabric or felt scraps - Stencil and pencil paper - Some wadding or padding - Needle, pins, thread, scissors - Measuring tape - Tapes and buttons to decorate How is it done? Step 1. Draw on paper the shape of your pincushion as a template. You can make a circle, a rectangle or square or the shape you want (a star, a letter ...). Step 2. Cut it and fix it on the fabric with pins. You will need two identical pieces. Cut them, leaving half or one centimeter around. Step 3. Turn them inside out (side view with side view) and sew the perimeter by hand or machine with seams close together. Leave a hole of at least 3 centimeters open to go around the pincushion (so that it is the right one) and fill it with wadding until it is tight. Close the seam with invisible stitches. It only remains to decorate it with buttons, ribbons, felt details ...

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