Take advantage of gaps and difficult spaces

Take advantage of gaps and difficult spaces

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With grace and ingenuity you can make the most complicated spaces in your home profitable. Do not miss these ideas, they can serve as a base and inspiration.

Advertising - Read on below 1 Turn your bathroom into a relaxing spa Spain

Who wouldn't like to get home and relax in a bubble bath? Take note: Now you have hot tubs with multiple shapes that adapt to all spaces. Like this corner model, Roca, which includes a shelf where you have on hand soaps, gels, salts, even books to read while the water massages your muscles.

2 bathrooms for two in a minimum space Spain

The irregular floor of this bathroom was not an impediment to enable a double toilet area, necessary when there are several users. A custom underlavabo was commissioned, from MS Interiorismo, to adapt to the chamfered wall. And on the countertop, of Silestone, two sinks of basin were embedded in the ends. Thus they can be used at the same time without getting in the way.

3 A full kitchen in a corner Spain

The meters are never few if they know how to take advantage. Just look for the right resources. For example, in this kitchen the cabinets reach the ceiling, to make the vertical space profitable; The hood and microwave were integrated into two modules and the dishwasher is narrower than normal.

4 Two ideas to create a mini pantry Spain

There are so many things to keep in a kitchen that there is never enough to have extra storage space, no matter how large it is. Look!

The side of the closet was used with shelves. They do not have more than 10 cm deep, but it is enough to have useful tools on hand such as bottles, baskets, bread basket ...
An entree on the wall was covered with shelves, this time wider, where to store dishes, the kitchenware ... To keep them safe from dust, grease, etc. It closed with a door with the upper glass area and the lower blind.

5 Mini washbasin with curved countertop Spain

In this bathroom of few meters to install a bathroom set, standard measures, was impossible. A small circular stainless steel washbasin was chosen. embedded in a flown glass countertop, very light, and curved for easy passage.

6 A large bespoke showcase in “L” Spain

Since they only needed 40 cm deep, the dining room table could be placed in front, without problems. To make the most of the space, it is better to order the showcase to measure. In addition, this can be designed according to real needs. Here it was made from floor to ceiling and with white doors, with large glass quarters on top, to lighten its visual weight and expose the dishes. The lower area was preferred closed with doors to store other tools less aesthetic.

7 Study area at an angle Spain

Modular structures have the advantage that they can be molded according to space and needs. Here a table was placed under the window with the curved worktop. And on the other wall, a light structure with shelves, a piece of furniture and a chest of drawers.

8 Work area in an irregular space Spain

Under the window was installed a countertop that rests on a chest of drawers, designed by Cuca Arraut. To gain more space, “L” was continued adapting to the wall's entrance, which was used to put some shelves.

9 Mini office in a hole Spain

Even a small entree, like this one in the image, serves to enable a convenient, comfortable and complete work area. It is enough to install a small table or a flown shelf - much lighter - where to check papers or place the computer, several shelves on the wall, to have books sorted and at hand, and a chair with wheels to move easily.

10 Washing and ironing area Spain

It is designed to the millimeter to be integrated into the set of kitchen furniture that, to get the most out of the rectangular floor plan, is distributed in the form of "L". A column module, behind the sink, located at the angle, is ideal for storing the iron board when not in use. And next to it, the washer and dryer in column, a good option to make the space better profitable. On the wall, a practical extendable flex.

11 Two shelves forming angle Spain

This successful solution has served to monetize a corner that also had an unsightly load pillar. Two Pladur walls were raised. They were made from floor to ceiling and with the same width of the pillar and this material was chosen because its installation is faster and cleaner than the traditional masonry, 60 € / m2 approx., In one day the structure is ready to use. Then, symmetrical shelves were placed on both sides of the pillar, so that it was completely concealed, and in pinewood to break the uniformity of the intense white of the walls.

12 Shelves by the fireplace Spain

Why waste the wall setback next to the fireplace? With several shelves, space was gained to place books, boxes and ornaments. To give them greater prominence, they were chosen in a dark and quite thick tone. They are from Pozuelo DIY.


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