Italian party

Italian party

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Get yourself balloons helium in green, white and red, blow them up and decorate the portal and the stairs with them until you reach the door of the house.

If the party is outdoors, Define its perimeter with the balloons tied in the trees. Decorate the table with containers filled with raw colored pasta, fresh herbs such as parsley, oregano and basil, and grapes. A nod to the typical Italian food.

In the snack, serve mini pizzas of different flavors instead of making them large, and accompany them with chines presented in metallic buckets and various soft drinks.

For ambient music, make a remix with all the Italian hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s, some versioned today, and improvise an end party with tambourines, at the rhythm of tarantella.

Advertising - Keep reading under White and red

The vichy paintings are going to dress the party table making it an adorable Italian pizzeria. Decorate it with wooden objects and choose utensils that combine red and white. Offer guests a kit with a chef's hat, mustache and apron, and propose a cooking workshop.

Paper garland

With this flowery decoration, it will always be spring on your terrace or garden. Paper garland that stretches to reach 2 m in length, of (5,50 €).

Striped glass

Like the tent of a circus. Striped glass, by Meri Meri in (€ 5.90 / 8 units).


In addition to practical, decorate the table. There will be no pizza to resist! Cutter Bike, from House (€ 4.99).

Wood plank

So that it does not leave the plate. Wooden board for individual pizzas, from It costs € 29.

Straws with moles

Only for cold drinks. Straws with moles, from (€ 1.80 / pack of 10).

Cotton napkin

Rhombus print. Cotton napkin, from (€ 4.50).


Flamingo-shaped piñata (€ 17)

Picnic blanket

Foldable and with handle, take it wherever you want. Picnic blanket, in 150 x 150 cm, of (29,90 €).

Baking Tubs

Ideal for presenting the muffins. Baking tubs, from (4,52 €/24).


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