A room to share!

A room to share!

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Miriam Yeleq

The interior designer Susana García Peredo designed and decorated the spacious and bright room of her daughters so that it could last a few years. Custom furniture gave that personal touch that makes it special.

Advertising - Continue reading below Arranged in parallel Miriam Yeleq

For the rest of the sisters two beds were chosen in line attached to the wall and perpendicular to the window. The headboards, recovered and reupholstered, were from her mother's room when she was little. Wallpaper, by Osborne & Little. Cushions on the beds, by Ikea and Zara Home.

In pastel tones A dresser separates the two beds as a common bedside table. This was painted in pastel colors, matching the bedding and neutral walls. On it, two sconces facilitate nighttime readings. Chest of drawers, for sale in Ikea.

White & mint Miriam Yeleq

The dresser, customized in white and mint green, has drawers where you can store the lightest clothes and hollows to store your first stories. The butterflies love them! They are present on the cushions and on the lamp shade.

mini shelves Miriam Yeleq

To accustom them to the organization prevailing in their room from an early age, take note: some shelves on the wall to expose the stories and mini shelves in the form of small houses, adorned with a garland, are perfect.

Bathroom Miriam Yeleq

Coated in stoneware, the bathroom follows the same color tone. The marble countertop, in beige, houses two integrated washbasins and the lower furniture, designed by Susana custom, was painted in dusty tones. The step that makes it easier for girls to access the toilets is, in reality, a drawer where to store shoes. When it is no longer necessary, it can be pushed inwards to be flush with the doors. In the background the bathtub was arranged, with half stepped partition and glass enclosure. Towels and accessories, from Ikea.

With two beds and a bathroom Infographic

1. REST AREA AND GAME AREA. Two identical 90 cm beds were arranged next to the window, separated by a dresser that both sisters share. The center of the bedroom was free to play on the floor.

2. STORAGE. Various solutions were chosen. In front of the beds there was a closet closet that covers a front. Shelves and mini shelves house stories, and the comfortable, light clothes.

3. BATHROOM. Next to the room, the girls have their own bathroom, with two sinks and a large bathtub where to share games.


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