A beautiful bathroom integrated into the bedroom

A beautiful bathroom integrated into the bedroom

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Integrate the bathroom into the master bedroom It is very frequent, but in most cases, it remains independent. On this occasion, one more step has been taken: the partition that separated them has been removed so that both gain real amplitude.

This great change forces to consider other two: new distribution, that adapts to the diaphanous plant, and impeccable aesthetics, since it shares space with the rest area. Said and done. Among the successes of this reform: design an elegant washbasin front, as a dressing table; unify the two environments with the same stained oak flooring; and above all, raise a glazed volume, with shower cubicles and toilet; the latter, invisible behind closed doors

Advertising - Continue reading below Two rooms without partition

The bathroom was designed as one more room environment, in harmony with the style of the rest area. Elegance and functionality merge in this space, which gained breadth by knocking down the partition that separated the two rooms. Furniture with synthetic countertop, Corian, and tap, of Current Bathroom. Reform, of ArtQuitectura.

Acid glass door and sheet

After removing the wall that separated the bathroom from the bedroom, both share space and natural light. The key in these open bathrooms is getting the location of the toilet or toilet / bidet right. Perfect the solution devised in this attic. It is located in the far corner of the bed, and also receives plenty of light with a glass door and acid sheet.

Washbasin with suspended furniture

Next to the chamfer window, the washbasin front stands out with a suspended furniture and a maxi mirror, which enhances the luminosity. A black conical sink, with its minimalist design, focuses attention. Located on one side, and not in the center, it leaves a larger countertop surface free. The toilet integrates with success in the bedroom to be located in a cabin with acid glass, after the shower.

Shower that combines materials

Spectacular, the shower stands out for its very refined design and the combination of materials. Polished cement, dyed in black, offers multiple nuances while enhancing, by contrast, the flashes of steel and the brightness of the glass, completely transparent.

Rectangular mirror

Invisible behind closed doors, to avoid the sensation of a narrow space inside, the upper part of the wall that separates it from the shower is translucent, so that, through it, it also receives natural light.

Wall-hung washbasin cabinet

Basin (€ 375), tap (€ 290) and oak furniture (€ 1,573), series Stillness, from the firm Jacob Delafon.

Towels with pom poms

With pom poms. To put the cheerful note, towels,
Zara Home (from € 5.99 each).

Mixer tap

Single lever Model Cuff, by Jacob Delafon, with oval spout (€ 89)


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