This house has an interior slide, and now we all want one

This house has an interior slide, and now we all want one

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Just because you take interior design seriously does not mean that the decoration has to be serious. And that is exactly why we love this idea: a slide to the laundry room is definitely the best way to make laundry more fun.

When the owner of the house is in Texas, she first mentioned the idea to architect Tim Brown, he thought he was joking, but he was serious. In his mind, the playful proposal for his three children combined the multiple functions (laundry, entrance area, office and storage). In addition, it has a practical purpose as a conduit to the laundry and floods the natural light spaces from the axis.

Tim Brown had never designed a slide for a house, but he commissioned the custom steel structure from a company that makes large slides for fire centers.

It took a while to achieve the right measure: "We had underestimated the visual scale of the slide," says Brown. "When it was finished, the opening in the floors was cut and it did not seem to look bad. Once placed, it was great. It took me a few visits to get used to that structure. Now it seems that it has always been there."

Of course, we had to ask Tim Brown if he had thrown himself down the slide: "Yes," he told "It was a bit tight for a man of almost 1.90 m. But it was fun."

The young inhabitants of the house also proved it: "The children have mastered the talent of walking on the barefoot slide and with a snack in their hands," says Brown.

The idea seems to be gaining adherents. Brown says he has two other slides in manufacturing for more customers.

The rest of the house is quite lovely too (and kid-friendly). Check it in the photo gallery!
Photos: Casey Fry

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Via: House Beautiful US


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