Wooden crafts you can do in a weekend

Wooden crafts you can do in a weekend

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An imitation wall

Convert a terrace glazed in a cozy room for guests or in a bedroom for your child. Look at this example.

The colorful wall frames the bed and completely personalize this space so optimistic and especially bright.

It is a paper coating -the mural Komar bazaar, of the firm, which simulates in detail a paneling made of wooden slats. You just have to glue it with glue and remove bubbles.

A daybed Dressed with quilt, plaids and cushions has been embedded in that wallpaper and the colorful mural serves as a headboard. The solution could not be simpler and resultona!

Make a decorative or garden swing

It is luxurious in your children's room, to use it as bedside table or item ornamental on which to place toys, cushions, etc. As it has been done in this environment decorated in a pink color, only broken by the green peacock painting, from But the interior ceilings do not support the weight and swing, so hanging from two trees is much safer. You just need tough rope and a board of wood. Drill two holes on each side of the board, pass the rope, tie and level.

Charming bench

What a beautiful corner the one proposed by the firm to
an entrance, a porch ... Wooden seat rough stands out for its attractive rough appearance.

If you want to make a version of the bank, you can buy the pieces separately - a table and two trunks - and join them by means of tubers or spikes of quite long wood. Ideal.

Practical Organizer

In very little space you can order many things:

It is a sorting element Very basic and effective. It consists of a wooden board with multiple perforations made at regular distances. Wooden pipes of the diameter of the holes and different lengths fit into them and serve as a support for shelves and hangers. A perfect proposal for kitchen, bathroom, office ...

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