Eco hotels: how are they?

Eco hotels: how are they?

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A getaway that, in addition to relaxation, will help you reconnect with the environment through its decoration, its initiatives and its philosophy. In them, you will not only enjoy a wonderful stay, but you will also be respecting the needs of the planet and in contact with nature. Who said sustainability and excellence were incompatible?

"Be the change you want to see in the world". Under this maxim of the spiritual leader Gandhi, the ethical and quality measures of the Barceló Hamilton, a hotel adults-only in Menorca Details such as waste management with the disposal of suitable containers for the separation of garbage (aluminum, plastic, glass and paper), energy saving through energy-saving lamps, on / off detectors, time programming of spaces exteriors, etc., or collaboration with local organizations to promote trade in the area are some of its pillars.

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Barceló Hotels

Family proposals include an interesting educational component. The activities We learn to grow They teach children to take care of plants in an orchard specially created for them. In addition, they are taught to recycle. Where? In the Punta Umbría Beach Resort hotel, from Barceló.

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Some like the hotel Montecastillo Golf, from Barceló, They have such great initiatives as biomass plants. They transform the olive bone of the olive groves of the resort and the rest of the material of biological origin into clean energy to heat all the rooms of the hotel, the water of the swimming pools and the Spa.

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